Ramadhan Mubarak

It is 6:35am and the air is crisp and cool. The trees are silent. Only occasionally the whisper of leaves are heard and a light breeze is gracing the early morning. The morning sky is coloured in pink shaded strokes and the birds sing melodiously…

It’s the last morning before Ramadhan. I cannot believe that time has passed us by so quickly. For me it’s a time to reflect on the past year, since the last Ramadhan. What I have set out to achieve in terms of spirituality and religion and how much progress I have made. Ramadhan is the perfect time to set goals in terms of ibadah, to execute it and to make dua that we can continue it for the rest of the year and ultimately to establish such actions in our lives.

Every Ramadhan, we plan to do a lot in terms of making ibadah. Unfortunately when the month concludes and we look back on it, we realize just how far we fell off the mark on doing what we planned. This year I have decided to make goals for myself and will make a concerted effort towards attaining them, Inshallah. I would definitely like to try and utilize my time more constructively.

Another point, which I would like to mention, is that Ramadhan is supposed to be a time of simplicity. However, I have noticed that what most people tend to do is fast in the day and feast at night. Although Allah hasn’t placed any restrictions on us in terms of how much we eat, I think we should be moderate in that regard. Although I don’t go overboard there are certain times when I feel that I am guilty of that too and I hope to change that this Ramadhan.

There is a sense of excitement in me and I’m looking forward to the next month. The atmosphere of serenity, spiritual closeness to our Creator and in general the beauty of this blessed month…Ramadhan Mubarak;)