There is nothing more powerful, fulfilling and satisfying than prayer. It is the light that keeps us going during our times of darkness and a source of happiness in our lives. Without prayer there would exist a vacuum in our lives. A void which cannot be substituted by anything else.

The elation of a prayer that has been accepted cannot be paralleled. Indeed, our Creator is merciful on us. There are times when we lose hope in life and in people. However, we should never lose our faith and more importantly not lose faith in the power of prayer.

We should strive to be in continuous remembrance of Allah, irrespective of where we are or what actions we are carrying out. We should not only go before our Creator in our times of need, but be consistent and pray during our good times as well. This pleases Allah greatly.

We should take heed of Allah’s blessings on us. Praise him continuously for all that he has bestowed on us. Look at the artistry of His creation in nature and ponder on His power. The next time it rains or you see a beautiful sunrise, take a moment and glorify Allah’s handiwork.

When we are feeling despondent, hurt or rejected or the times when we feel as if we have lost direction in life, the only solution is to pray to our Creator. Pray to Him for guidance, pray to Him for happiness…ask Him for whatever your heart may desire! He is there for us and our only Saviour.

Our beloved Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W) has said: “There is nothing more dear to Allah than a servant praying to Him.” (Tirmidhi).
According to the Quran, prayer is the simplest way to reach Allah. When this task has been simplified, why do we still find in difficult to go before Him? There is truly beauty and satisfaction in His remembrance. We need to establish prayer and then only will we be able to experience the intensity of its presence in our lives.