The Maths Monster

It comes as no surprise, that a Maths dream can be categorized as a nightmare for me. Ever since high school is has been my least liked subject and the thought of it always culminates into a hair raising moment. Topped with that is my Matric Maths teacher, who was quite a stern (yet lovable) character. Only towards the end of my Matric year did we begin to bond with him and have a better understanding of him.

 Nevertheless, to be woken by dreams of an impending Maths test, which I did not prepare for can prove to be quite nerve wrecking. It’s the second or third time in the last few weeks that I’m having dreams of a similar nature. I don’t know where they are rooted or why they choose to haunt me, but it’s quite overwhelming. It makes my decision firmer not to voluntarily include any numerical related subject in my studies.

 Its unfortunate that I dislike Maths, since it forms such an important part of our lives. The main reason for it goes back almost thirteen years (Im surprised I can even count the years. Lol)! I had a Maths teacher in Grade 3, whom I absolutely despised! She was racist and nasty. For many years I associated Maths with her and kept on saying to myself “I hate Maths, I hate Maths…I hate Maths!” The after effects of it is so bad, that till today I see it in a negative light. There are certain people and events in our lives that affect us to such an extent, that even so many years later we cannot change our mindset about it. If Im lucky, I might think differently about it in the future, but for now I still suffer from Mathophobia….