Page 3

Page 3’ is a movie based in India, about the life of a young journalist who soon realises the daunting truth about life. The truth about power, and its roots. A very thought provoking movie. Money and status are the greatest assets in obtaining power. You can rule over anything you want, corrupt legal systems and change the truth to suit your needs. It speaks for you, brings recognition and respect from people. It is a reality, one which we are currently living with. Not just in South Africa, but worldwide. The movie focuses on the entertainment industry at first and gradually introduces the antithesis to the lives of the rich and famous. The lives of the wealthy are characterised by endless social gatherings, futile discussions and immoral activities. This is a lifestyle which has been portrayed to us via endless movies and television programs. It is depicted in such an appealing manner that millions of us aspire to live such lives. Yet such lifestyles are deprived of ethicality and contentment. It breeds execrable ways, a lifestyle which should be avoided.


Man’s need for wealth is escalating. It is this greed which is the cause of our problems. And since the norm is such, that money brings with it power, people have sacrificed their moral values and principles in order to attain this. Trust in relationships are inconsequential as these are only forged in a further attempt to make it to the top of the pyramid. In the debauched system that has been constructed, you will only ever attain success in your ventures if you have the right contacts and enough money to get through.

The ones who suffer in the end are those who have embedded in them admirable moral values. The conscientious, law abiding citizens of the country. The ones who toil in an effort to make a living and support their families honestly. Unfortunately, when it comes to their welfare and when they experience problems in their lives, their cries go unheard. It is deemed insignificant in comparison to the needs and wants of the wealthy.

Surprisingly though, is that the ones who have less appreciate more, give more and live with more contentment. The lack of materialistic objects and wealth does not concern them greatly. And yet the ones who already have, aspire to attain even more. The avarice intensifies. But does this power and wealth actually bring any absolute happiness to their lives? Does it fulfill them in any way? Can it possibly, when they are never at peace with what they have and are always in search or more? If it is happiness that we are searching for, then we should learn to be content with what we have. Appreciation is the key, don’t wish for more…accept and be happy with what you are blessed with.


Losing myself…

I am fighting my sleep as I write this entry. My emotions and thoughts are too fervent to be gone untold, unwritten. I have fallen into the depths of despondency. My mind is moving from one turbulent mental state to another. I see clouded skies and a storm approaching, Violent winds and ferocious rains. The destruction of elements created through hard work, effort and endless toiling.
The mental state I have worked so hard to attain, the positive perception that I have been building gradually over the last three years seem to be disintegrating. By opening my mind and observing things and people around me, I have begun to realize that I am living in a fantasy world. Despite my efforts, I have been blinded to the reality of life. The reality of the antagonistic and egocentric roles that we assume. We put on a facade to show the world that we care. We are awarded high positions, and with this comes certain social responsibilities. However, before we can execute these responsibilities there are certain aspects that we have to take cognisance of. We have to learn to accept each other, despite our vast differences. Unfortunately, I don’t think that we have progressed enough, for we look down upon people of other ethnicities, religions and beliefs. Are we ready to demolish the cultural, racial and socio-economic barriers that surround us? Or are we too selfish to make this attempt? The dismal conclusion is that we only give high regard to our wants and needs. Blinded by greed and materialism, our aim seems to be to elevate our social status in life. Something which will be attained by any means. We need to obliterate our current mindset and learn to be more open and accepting towards people, cultures and beliefs that are antithetic to our lives and lifestyles. Sadly, I have noted that there are certain things which are so ingrained in us, that despite logical reasoning, we totally refuse to be open to the idea of an opposing view. Are we not supposed to ‘respect’ the opinion of all individuals? It is obvious that our thoughts differ, given our lifestyles, background and various other factors. However, when we converse with people we should keep an open mind. If an argument ensues, remember that it is not always about coming out victorious or being the winning party in it.
As Dr. Ali Shariati has said in the Philosophy of Supplication:
“ My Lord, give me the capability to tolerate an opposing point of view. Keep me wise and aware, so that I may not judge someone or some idea right or wrong unless I have understood them correctly and completely. Help me so that I may be aware of the differences between humanity, thoughts and relationships, and so that I may be capable of distinguishing each of them”.
Our aim should be to obtain the truth. If we adopt an open-minded attitude we will learn from each other, and expand our knowledge. I am not exempting myself from the ignorant group, for I am also guilty of such actions. However, we can only learn from our past mistakes and try not to commit them again in the future.There are so many truths which are emerging and I feel like I have been walking around with blinkers. I remember a time when my writing exuded enthusiasm and positive thoughts. Recently, it seems pessimistic and often reflects negativity. I cannot allow these experiences to make me lose hope. I need to keep the positive light burning, irrespective of what happens or what occurs in my life. If I don’t make an attempt, I will lose all hope and destroy something which I thought I could create. A life of contentment, acceptance, hope, and positivity. With hope, we need to have faith and this faith will keep us going throughout our lives, irrespective of what we may encounter.

A ship is symbolic of our lives. Just as it encounters many waves in the ocean, in the same way we encounter many experiences. Some waves are insignificant, while others are of great magnitude and have an impact on the movement of the ship. Ultimately the goal is to reach its destination. We have to learn from the experiences in our lives. Let them assist us in our journey. There are some things which are more challenging and require us to make a considerably extra effort to get through. With each challenge that we pass, we become stronger individuals. We are the Captains of our ships and should be determined to reach our destination. And although we may encounter numerous storms, we should strive to emerge as survivors.


My cyberworld

Outside of my mundane life exists my cyberworld. A place that consumes endless hours of my time, taking me into the early hours of the morning. Often my nights are characterised by a few hours of sleep, which are insufficient to keep me going effectively. There exists in me a stubborn streak to stay away and an attraction to this world, to keep on searching and continue writing.

Ever since my exams have been over (29 October), my time spent in cyberworld has increased drastically.  I find solace in my writing and have a desire and hunger to learn more, read more and attempt to communicate more with the outside world. For too long I have lived a restricted life, interacting mainly with my own kind. Even at twenty I am still in a closed, protected and safe environment and wish to take knowledge from the world. At present this is my best available resource.

Im rethinking alot about my life, goals, desires, relationships, religion and life in general. There is an ocean of knowledge out there as well as many questions which remain unanswered for me. I need to go in search of the truth and the answers.

We are all the same…

I have just been reading some random blogs that I came across. I am not usually an emotional person, but for some unexplainable reason (could be to do with the music that Im listening to) I was reduced to tears. Its the beauty that I found in a post written by a woman who is preparing for Christmas. The happiness and excitement that she is feeling and the anticipation of being with her family on that day. Deep down we are all the same, irrespective of what we look like or which part of the world we originate from. Its touching to see that there are still people out there who knows the importance and value of family.

Another post of hers was with regards to renovations that they are doing to a bathroom in their house.The renovations were supposed to be done for her mother, all according to what she liked. Unfortunately she passed away before it was completed and her family lost interest to do it, since she wouldnt be there to appreciate it. Eventually, it got done, but one questions whats the use of it since she is no longer in the world to see it?

Makes me think of my aunt who has passed away three years ago. I find it hard to believe that she has left this world. And as I write this, I miss her so much! Life has changed drastically for her family. My uncle is now married for the second time since her death. I pray that this time, his wife brings immense happiness to their home and make them feel like a family once again. Its disheartening when I think of my cousins. There are times when I feel as if they have no one in this world…as much as I try, circumstances make it difficult for us to be with them. My prayers are always with them…I end this post on a melancholy note and will now try to get some sleep.

To marry or not to marry?

The subject of marriage keeps on coming up, no matter how hard I try to avoid it. And although this time its not directly related to me, the connection is nonetheless very great. Its only human nature that I too want to be loved by that special person, have a companion in my life, someone who has a place that no other has. There are times in my life when I feel that loneliness and feel the need for companionship, but the reality of life is far different from the fairytale of ‘love’.

We live in a world where love is portrayed as being ‘perfect’. Movies and books make it seem this way. When we picture marriage we picture it as being smooth sailing, no rough seas or bad weather. Reality is something completely different to it. Its only after the honeymoon and initial stages of marriage that we realise the responsibility that comes with it.

Wherever I look, whichever young married couples I interact with and talk to there is one commonality. And that is that I should not get married now, wait till I’m much older, and from others that I should not get married at all! I guess that their frustrations and the situations that they are presently in make them feel so strongly about advising other unmarried girls such as myself to avoid it as far as possible.

I obviously want to get married at some point in my life, but when I look at all these people and only receive negative feedback about marriage, then I wonder if its all worth it. Islam teaches us that marriage completes half of your faith. Perhaps its because of all the sacrifices that you make, the courage that you need to go into marriage and the commitment and effort that you have to make to keep your marriage strong, not to mention all the responsibilities that you have to carry out.

There is a minority of people whom I know that give me a positive outlook of marriage and who tell me that they are happy. There is no doubt that in every marriage there are minor problems, but these have to be settled in an amicable manner. I dont know how I will approach problems in my marriage, but I hope that I can tackle it maturely and work hard to keep my marriage happy and successful.

I have set my goals and plan to concentrate on my studies first. I will try my very best to excel in my studies and complete my degree first.  After that I will decide about getting married. My Creator is the best of planners and if I happen to deviate from my plans and get married before the time that I planned, then I will accept it. The thought of marriage does scare me considerably, but I hope that when I reach that point in my life, things work out for me. A positive attitude will have to be created and I should prepare myself mentally for the responsibility that comes with it. If my expectations are high, then I will be disappointed (like with other aspects in life). When it happens I hope that I will find the good,happy and positive parts to it.

Unimaginable turn of events

In an unimaginable turns of events, I am now in a situation which I never thought I would ever be in. What started out as innocent has progressed into something much more intense. The most incomprehensible part of it all is that the events which are taking place involve a person I have never seen or spoken to before in my life. An invisible link, which is negatively tainted has been formed. I did not ask to be in this situation and even though in a way I blame myself for the outcome, the consensus is that I have no reason to feel responsible.

Events that occur in life have greater meaning to it, more than we will ever know. We need to look deeper and the hidden meaning will gradually become apparent. I don’t see how the current events taking place could be of benefit to either party, but I believe that there is something behind it all. The master plan of the Creator. He only knows the reasons for what goes on in our lives.
No doubt, Im craving normality from these crazy happenings. But I’ll just wait patiently and see what happens from this point.

Late night answers

I prayed for guidance, and my prayers have been answered.. An unusual time for it to be answered, but I am eternally appreciative of it. God is great!The intermittent unease has gradually subsided. There is some unfinished business that I have to sort out though, but for that the sun needs to rise. Everything comes with a price, and this time its my sleep.Well, rather solved mysteries and no sleep than constant bothersome thoughts depriving me of any peace in my slumber. I prefer to find my own path in life and from this day will pursue just that and become an ‘Individual Path Finder’. I’ll strive to achieve my goals that I have set out, while at the same time flow with the rhythm of life.