I sit, overlooking the waves that crash against the shore. A patterned beauty, homogeneous, yet each wave a powerful individual. The water integrating itself with the land. Lasting a few seconds, then returning to its abode. For millions of miles across the shores of the world, a continuous cycle.
The sky exquisite, like a million tiny diamonds attached to a black canvas. The air, humid and salty. A balmy sea breeze passes through my lengthy hair. I shift my seating position to gain full advantage of the graceful breeze. Serenity…words can be left untold. A clandestine, beauteous moment. Alone, a world untainted. A meeting with nature, elements so vast and commanding. My physical being, a mere fraction in comparison to the power that surrounds me.
In the distance, I hear the notes of a guitar being strummed out. I see a light in the far distance and embark on a leisurely gait. To my right, the waves still crash…some more intense than others. I walk delicately across the sand, my feet sinking occasionally, into the moistened, velvety sand. In my journey towards the dim light, I’m fortunate to have a guide. The moon, whose incandescence lights the way towards my destination.
I silently take in the breathtaking beauty of the resplendent moonlight, reflecting against the ocean water. I close my eyes, in an attempt to feel the moment, the enchantment. I want to capture this moment in my memory, its placidity unparalleled. I slowly open my eyes…when I look around, my surroundings have vanished. I am left standing in an open space, with nothing more than my thoughts and imagination. A void, such moments a rarity in a place called…’reality’.

That weekend in March, 2005

This is ranked as my favourite photo from my personal album…This photo was taken on an overnight trip in the Free State. I awoke at sunrise and was fortunate enough to capture this beautiful moment.I wish that I could relive that weekend, March 2005. The night was especially magical! I remember walking down to the river. The pitch black darkness obscured our vision and we could not make out where the land stopped and where the water started. We could only make out the distance by listening closely to the flow of the river…The serenity of that night remains unparalleled.

Added to the experience was the clear skies that graced us with its presence that night. A seemingly endless mass of stars, the milky way clearly visible. I tilted my head towards the sky, but after some time it became painful:) The next time I have that opportunity, I’m definitely going to take better advantage of it. Since that night, I have never seen the sky in such glory.

Oh, and how can I forget our attempt at melting marshmallows over the fire? (I must admit I’m not particularly attracted to the taste of the end result, a lump of sugary goo. Lol). At first we were equipped with a full bag of marshmallows. However, when we went down to the fire, the surroundings were occupied by the older generation of males and we decided to steer clear of the path till later in the night. Unfortunately, by the time they left we had consumed all the marshmallows:)

It was also my first encounter with a communal ablution block. A scary thought, but one I survived. Prior to this I would never have imagined myself ever making use of such a facility. Lets just say, I was spoilt (without even realising):) Over the last year, I have become accustomed to it, given the amount of fishing trips we went on. I’m glad that I got to experience the other side of life. I have been living in the lap of luxury for way too long and its about time that I got out of my comfort zone.

We need to make another trip, like the abovementioned. Things will be very different though. Since then, three of the previously unmarried cousins are now married, one almost married and four kids have made their appearance. Life moves too fast! But ultimately, its what you make of the situation. So married or not married, kids or no kids we should definitely attempt to make the next trip memorable…