When procrastination rears its head

Procrastinators Anonymous

Procrastinators Anonymous

Exams are beginning at the end of next month and although I know I should be getting into the swing of things, I feel like I am at a dead end. By next week Inshallah I will complete the syllabi of my subjects. I drew up a revision timetable, but for some reason or the other I am not making any progress. I would cite procrastination as one of my main problems. I know all too well that “procrastination is the thief of time”. In the end I’ll be the only one to suffer the consequences.

I failed a module last year November and will be re-writing it this semester. For the last few days, I skim through my notes but make no sense of anything. Its all very unproductive, since I should have forced myself into my office chair and said “study”! Study in the real sense, where I block out everything else and focus on whats in front of me. This module was the first module that I ever failed and I’m not sure I know how to approach a re-write. I am numbed with the fear of failing again and cannot recall where I went wrong or how I should correct my approach to studying this subject yet again. To make matters worse, it is the thickest study guide that I ever had in the last three and a half years and just looking at it intimidates me!

Oh well, if I don’t do anything about my dilemma, no one else will. I need to motivate myself to start my revision as well as make considerable progress with it really soon. Discipline, a clear head and duas…thats what I need to set myself in motion. Hopefully the next time I post an entry, it will be with positive feedback.

And one more thing before I leave, this post wasn’t necessary. I planned to be studying, but alas…

Lights out…

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Yet again, I have been at my laptop for the past two hours and will probably still be here for the next hour. I have been conducting research on Tanzania and added it to my newly acquired blog. There is a very useful website which I have come across several months ago (www.cia.gov.za). I bookmarked it back then, but completely forgot about it and didn’t return to it until yesterday. It provides detailed information about all aspects of a country, and this includes most of the countries worldwide.

I received my registration form for 2008 from Unisa. Even though its on my mind, I did not realise how limited my time is to register. In approximately the next twenty days, registration will be closed. I would have applied earlier, but Im in a confused state with regards to my subject choices. Apart from the four compulsary modules that I have to register for, the other four have to be chosen from a certain group. After looking into it, I have realised that all my possible choices require prerequisites, which if I choose to do will prolong the period of my studies.

After this post I will go and do a bit more research into it as well as tabulate my exam dates for both semesters and decide what modules I should take. I should make a call to the Unisa Career Counselling Department  tomorrow morning to clear the confusion that I have about my subject choices.

And now, its the late night decision making time!…Smarties or Tv bar???Lol…good night:)