Black smoke

You creep up stealthily, along a sinuous path
Waiting to contaminate us with your virulent vapours
Your very being is despicable
Deriving contentment through our anguish

You permeate our lives
Your aim, to filch our happiness
Creating pandemonium, then departing for an undisclosed period
Leaving us in uncertainty and unrest

I made an effort to create days that exudes bliss
But your mere presence has rendered it asunder
You make me weak and bring me down
Annihilating my optimistic perception of this life

You caused immense affliction on innocent beings
And now, there is no flicker of hope
No dreams, no desires
Just lives, characterized by emotional turbulence and debility

You make me cry and fear
The only one responsible for my infuriation

My animosity for you will continue to escalate
May you dissipate into extinction, execrable Black Smoke!