Glorious sunlight

It was approximately 7:30am and the sunlight penetrated the fabric of my curtain. Almost immediately, my heart was infused with happiness. The sun had been hibernating indefinitely over the past week. It led to an atmosphere of melancholy, and every time I looked at the sky, I prayed that the sun would make its return.

After giving up hope, my prayers were answered. Finally, there was light after the darkness (before anyone starts whooping for joy, please note that this is not in any way related to Eskom;) ). My eyelids were heavy, but I so badly wanted to reach out for my laptop and start converting my thoughts into words. I was on the brink of conceding defeat, but after twenty minutes I eventually got out of the bed. Unfortunately, my desire to write could not be fulfilled immediately, as there was pending household chores.

While attending to my household chores, I stepped out into the glorious sunny day and commenced on a micro photo shoot. At the same time, I conversed with my sister who had phoned me. She was staying at the house diagonally across of me, house-sitting for her sister-in-law. In a crazed state, we searched for each other across the street and waved frantically (as if we don’t see enough of each other…lol).

The expanse of lawn was consumed with sunlight and the plants were dappled with the same glorious rays. What intense beauty! It often happens in life that we take for granted what is always there. We fail to realise that every thing in life is a blessing, irrespective of how minute it may seem. This is just another lesson in our life which shows us the significance of gratitude in our lives. We should give thanks to our Creator, for every endowment on us and count our blessings…




Florida Lake

dsc00071.jpgIt was evening when we reached the lake. The sky was overcast and struck a chord of melancholy. Thunder rumbled in the distance and lighting flashed. As we gathered our belongings, I managed to take a few shots…