Respect leads to peace


As a society and amongst our youth, we are moving towards social degradation instead of developing and improving our lives . I have noticed for the umpteenth time that we have no respect for other cultures or religions. Respect should be inculcated in our youth, not just towards our elders but towards other people, irrespective of how we may differ from each other. Being different is not a criteria for us to insult and taunt other people.

We fail to realise that we are all composed of the same matter. It is not our outside appearances that count, but what lies deeper down inside, our hearts. Have you ever noticed that a person with conventional beauty, but who has a cold personality is not at all attractive? While someone who may not be that beautiful, but who is warm hearted, generous and always pleasant to be around is so much more attractive. When we delve into the gist of it, we are all the same. The feelings that we experience are homogeneous, irrespective of whether we originate from the Africa, India or America, whether we are Muslims, Christians, Jews or Hindus.

We need to foster a culture of understanding and respect in all of humanity, not just the youth. At times the behaviour that people exhibit is a reflection of the kind of background that they come from and the type of people that they are surrounded by in their home environment.

We always question why the world is turning out to be so full of hatred and enmity. This is one of the reasons. Respect is fundamental to the structure of peace, and we fail to possess this quality. The emphasis on respect is important both from an Islamic as well as secular perspective.

I have touched upon this subject numerous times during my studies. Apart from the economic benefits of tourism, it also serves to unite people worldwide. Tourism involves the interaction of people from different backgrounds, lifestyles, religions and race etc and the importance is on developing relationships between one another in an attempt to promote peace worldwide. Never forget that wherever we may be in this world, the behaviour that we exhibit towards others is an indication of the type of people that we are. And at the same time, in an indirect way we represent our countries and religions.

It is important that we strive towards understanding people from an international point of view. We need to educate ourselves about other people. This can be done through higher education or even simpler, by doing research, reading a lot of literature about various cultures, lifestyles and religions and even interacting with people and showing an interest in them. A little knowledge goes a long way and a kind word or smile to someone can have a major impact on their lives. Lets try to make the world a happier place, even though it may be in a small way. There’s one common factor among the majority of us, and that is to live in peace. Let us make a concerted effort to work towards this.


Education- a human right

I’ve just registered to study for this year and in the process got thinking about the education system in our country. Education is a basic human right which should be awarded to citizens of all financial backgrounds. It cannot only be limited to those who are financially well off and can afford it. There are options available for bursaries, but that doesn’t guarantee that all those who cannot afford to, but want to study will be allowed the opportunity.

As with other things in life, the irony is that in general those who are dedicated and hard workers cannot afford the exorbitant fees, while those who adopt a very relaxed and care-free attitude towards studying have easy access to it. Its another one of life’s challenges which we have to fight to get through. There are often narrations of very successful people in this world, who battled to get good education, and yet in the end they have risen above the rest. Life is not smooth sailing, we have to learn how to tackle the greatest of waves and come out alive (and smiling of course!).

Yet again, I have been at my laptop for the past two hours and will probably still be here for the next hour. I have been conducting research on Tanzania and added it to my newly acquired blog. There is a very useful website which I have come across several months ago ( I bookmarked it back then, but completely forgot about it and didn’t return to it until yesterday. It provides detailed information about all aspects of a country, and this includes most of the countries worldwide.

I received my registration form for 2008 from Unisa. Even though its on my mind, I did not realise how limited my time is to register. In approximately the next twenty days, registration will be closed. I would have applied earlier, but Im in a confused state with regards to my subject choices. Apart from the four compulsary modules that I have to register for, the other four have to be chosen from a certain group. After looking into it, I have realised that all my possible choices require prerequisites, which if I choose to do will prolong the period of my studies.

After this post I will go and do a bit more research into it as well as tabulate my exam dates for both semesters and decide what modules I should take. I should make a call to the Unisa Career Counselling Department  tomorrow morning to clear the confusion that I have about my subject choices.

And now, its the late night decision making time!…Smarties or Tv bar???Lol…good night:)

My cyberworld

Outside of my mundane life exists my cyberworld. A place that consumes endless hours of my time, taking me into the early hours of the morning. Often my nights are characterised by a few hours of sleep, which are insufficient to keep me going effectively. There exists in me a stubborn streak to stay away and an attraction to this world, to keep on searching and continue writing.

Ever since my exams have been over (29 October), my time spent in cyberworld has increased drastically.  I find solace in my writing and have a desire and hunger to learn more, read more and attempt to communicate more with the outside world. For too long I have lived a restricted life, interacting mainly with my own kind. Even at twenty I am still in a closed, protected and safe environment and wish to take knowledge from the world. At present this is my best available resource.

Im rethinking alot about my life, goals, desires, relationships, religion and life in general. There is an ocean of knowledge out there as well as many questions which remain unanswered for me. I need to go in search of the truth and the answers.