Its the 17.03.08 at 11:18 pm. We have used up our bandwith (yet again), so I’m typing this as a Word document. Just came out of the shower a short while ago. Finishing off a section of today’s work…I just love these late night showers. The best feeling ever! Especially tonight since it’s so cold. I’m fortunate in so many ways and it’s all these small blessings in my life that make me realise that I have so much to be grateful for. It has been said that we should count our blessings and although it may sound like such a cliche, we really should make every attempt to do this. There are millions of people in the world who don’t have even half the things that we have. The irony of life is that it is us, the ones who have so much that complain about the most trivial matters. Give thanks to your Creator for everything, no matter how insignificant it may seem…



Perfect weather

Just taking out five minutes from my study time to write this. Its been raining non-stop since the early hours of Friday morning. Papa went fishing at about 10:30pm on Friday night and was back at 5:00am. I wouldnt have been aware of the time that it started raining if he didnt tell me. Anyway, last night the weather depressed me to a certain extent. But after getting into my bed, all that changed. Thanks to my Creator for providing me with such comforts.

I only woke up at 10am, although I would have loved to stay in bed longer. Most people say that I have got such a gooood life. Apart from carrying out my responsibilities, I would have to agree. Especially the part of having no limitations on how late I go to bed. The same can’t be said for getting up in the morning though:) I’m going to make the best of this last year of mine. Who knows where I will be next year or what I’ll be doing? Once I start working and whenever I decide to get married, then its GOODBYE to this ‘lekker’ life of mine!

Right now, its the perfect weather for studying. In my pjs and fleecy gown of course:)

I have quite a bit of studying to complete before I leave for Sun City, which will be on the 7 April, Inshallah. I think I need to cut back on my time spent on the net till then. And just one assignment left, which I need to submit by Wednesday at the latest…

Signing off till another time…Tasu

Yet again, I have been at my laptop for the past two hours and will probably still be here for the next hour. I have been conducting research on Tanzania and added it to my newly acquired blog. There is a very useful website which I have come across several months ago (www.cia.gov.za). I bookmarked it back then, but completely forgot about it and didn’t return to it until yesterday. It provides detailed information about all aspects of a country, and this includes most of the countries worldwide.

I received my registration form for 2008 from Unisa. Even though its on my mind, I did not realise how limited my time is to register. In approximately the next twenty days, registration will be closed. I would have applied earlier, but Im in a confused state with regards to my subject choices. Apart from the four compulsary modules that I have to register for, the other four have to be chosen from a certain group. After looking into it, I have realised that all my possible choices require prerequisites, which if I choose to do will prolong the period of my studies.

After this post I will go and do a bit more research into it as well as tabulate my exam dates for both semesters and decide what modules I should take. I should make a call to the Unisa Career Counselling Department  tomorrow morning to clear the confusion that I have about my subject choices.

And now, its the late night decision making time!…Smarties or Tv bar???Lol…good night:)