Thinking about my future


I sat on my bed after Fajr and thought about last nights discussion. I’m in my final year of studying and as the cycle goes, the next step after this is to find employment. Well, that is how it usually works, unless I decide that I want to get married and be a housewife. Its already my fourth year out of school. The choice to study through correspondence is one which I have no regrets about. Initially, I was a bit skeptical about it and did consider going to study at a campus several times. Thanks to my Creator, I have managed to get this far and will continue to work hard and put in as much effort as possible. Although I have missed out on a social life at campus, I have learned a great deal of things being at home and being in the presence of my mother. These few years have been very special to me and I know that once I leave this sanctuary, I will never get back what I currently have. Thinking about the plans for my future, I began questioning myself. What is it that I really want out of life??? I think that this is a question of significance which pertains to all of us, especially the youth. If we don’t know where we want to go, how will we get there? Is it enough to let life take its course, or is it up to us to shape our future?

Undoubtedly, if we want something in life we need to make an effort to achieve it. We cannot sit back and wait for things to happen or wait for the good to come to us. Something of great importance I believe, is to set goals for yourself. Ever since developing my own study system, I have realised that I cannot go on in life without having goals. They do not necessarily have to be big. Even the achievement of small goals are enough to keep the torch of hope and motivation burning. Every small goal that you have achieved inspires you to move on to the next one. It is an inspiration to continue working hard and eventually to achieve even the greatest of our goals. There is no feat too big or too challenging for us. We merely need to approach it in a positive manner, work hard towards it and pray for guidance and success in what we do. We often do not realise our potential, until we apply ourselves completely.

With this is mind, I realise that it is time I start deciding what I would like to do next year. For the past few months I have been praying that my Creator should make it such that my knowledge is used in the right path. It should be used in a way that benefits humanity and the kind of work that I get involved in should please Him greatly. I know that it is not merely enough to make this dua and just wait to see what happens. I need to make an effort and consider the options out there.

Thanks to Allah, I have been approached by to write articles for them on a section called Muslims for Humanity. I have no previous experience of writing for any publication, website etc. One of the major challenges is that I am not equipped with the necessary resources from which to extract information to be used in the articles. However, I will try my best to complete the assignments that are allocated to me. And if logically I am sure that I will not be able to undertake a particular assignment then I will inform them of it. Its of no use making false promises when I know that I won’t be able to deliver to them what is required of me.

For my first assignment, I have been given the task of writing on a Muslim volunteer making a difference in the field of charity work and also successful in his social and career life. His age should be in the range of 18 to 29, focusing on his charity activities.

Alhamdulillah, I have been fortunate that I met a very cooperate guy who works for Islamic Relief. I approached him via Facebook and he has been extremely helpful. I even spoke to him yesterday and he said that I can come in to the office one of the days and he can explain to me what exactly they do and perhaps I can get involved in this way. I am very pleased with this and I hope that this can be the beginning of something very important in my life. I have always been attracted to the idea of doing social work. In highschool we made a few attempts at this through the Biology Society and I truly enjoyed the few activities that we did. Although I may not be directly involved with it initially, knowing that I can assist them in even a small way will bring joy to my life. After all it is something that would please Allah. I pray for guidance in all that I do in my life and hope that I will find my calling soon.