I sit, overlooking the waves that crash against the shore. A patterned beauty, homogeneous, yet each wave a powerful individual. The water integrating itself with the land. Lasting a few seconds, then returning to its abode. For millions of miles across the shores of the world, a continuous cycle.
The sky exquisite, like a million tiny diamonds attached to a black canvas. The air, humid and salty. A balmy sea breeze passes through my lengthy hair. I shift my seating position to gain full advantage of the graceful breeze. Serenity…words can be left untold. A clandestine, beauteous moment. Alone, a world untainted. A meeting with nature, elements so vast and commanding. My physical being, a mere fraction in comparison to the power that surrounds me.
In the distance, I hear the notes of a guitar being strummed out. I see a light in the far distance and embark on a leisurely gait. To my right, the waves still crash…some more intense than others. I walk delicately across the sand, my feet sinking occasionally, into the moistened, velvety sand. In my journey towards the dim light, I’m fortunate to have a guide. The moon, whose incandescence lights the way towards my destination.
I silently take in the breathtaking beauty of the resplendent moonlight, reflecting against the ocean water. I close my eyes, in an attempt to feel the moment, the enchantment. I want to capture this moment in my memory, its placidity unparalleled. I slowly open my eyes…when I look around, my surroundings have vanished. I am left standing in an open space, with nothing more than my thoughts and imagination. A void, such moments a rarity in a place called…’reality’.