The childhood years gone by

He sat on the floor and retrieved his colouring book and newly acquired set of stationery. The little case contained a kaleidoscope of colours, offered in a variety of options. Pencil colours, paint, crayons and markers…It was his second week of preschool and the commencement of a new life. A prelude to the next twelve years of his schooling career. My little cousin was engrossed in a world of his own, where the picture that he coloured was the most important thing for him. I looked at his childlike innocence, his guise angelic. It was the year 1992 when I when I was assumed the same role, as a five year old preschooler…My memories are still vivid and I can recall numerous incidents which occurred during that year. The daily routine, breaks, story time and nap time…The elation of knowing that your painting was worthy enough of the ‘wall’, for everyone to see (not forgetting the very scratchy autograph at one corner of your masterpiece). And who can forget art and baking classes? Creating sculptures from limited, yet colourful fragments of clay and making a variety of odd-shaped edibles during baking class. The one which I can distinctly recall is the mouse, which had icing between its body, and was composed of Marie biscuits, liquorice that substituted for a tail and whiskers and a common sweet for eyes. In retrospect, I have to conclude that the combination of ingredients sounds rather unappealing. Kids tend to eat queer things

The years seem to have passed by in a flash. From grade school, to high school and now to university. We are progressing from one stage of our lives to the next, leaving behind all those wonderful years of pleasure, innocence and freedom. We only have our beautiful, wonderful and fun memories to accompany us into our future.

It’s not as if the future won’t offer us events which will become precious memories. There are now other stages which we will move on to, such as marriage and the birth of your first child for example. However, we will be never be able to experience those blissful years of freedom bereft of any hefty responsibilities, which only intensify and grow with age. Childhood has been one of the greatest gifts we could experience. Possibly some of the best years of our lives…