Love, eternal

I went shopping yesterday, and as I took the escalator down I noticed a very old couple. They found a quiet spot and were having lunch together. Old and wrinkled, but still together. By the look of things, their walking abilities have probably deteriorated, since there were two pairs of walking aids in their shopping trolley…I love it when I come across old couples like this. To think that they weathered all the storms of life and are still together. From youth, when they were blossoming beauties into their wrinkly, old age. Together until death. They are symbols of hope, especially for our generation.

The sad part of it though, is that it always makes me think of my grandparents. Its almost two years since my grandad’s demise and my grandmother never stops thinking of him or missing him. Last week Saturday, I went to visit her and we sat together talking about life and about him. Her eyes fill with tears almost every time she talks about him. When I see her, I get a sinking feeling, a sadness overcomes me knowing that there is nothing in this world we can do to help her. She is really lost without him. Her life partner of 49 years. 

Its a bit hard for me to fathom, since I’m only 23. I cannot imagine what it must be to spend 49 years of your life with such a wonderful man and then lose him. What must it be like to live without the most important person in your life? As much as we can try and put ourselves in someone’s situation, we’ll never experience the real feeling of it until it happens to us. 

I wish for a love like the one which my grandparent’s shared and the one that my parents have. A love which is unconditional, and one which transcends all obstacles. I don’t know if this is something that many girls say, but I say it with all my heart that I want a husband like my father. Sure, he has his faults. No one is perfect. But beyond that, the good qualities which he has outweighs everything else and just makes other aspects seem insignificant. He is an exemplary husband and the best father. I couldn’t have asked for better. 

And while we are on the topic of love, lets just say that love eludes me. 🙂

Sometimes you think it is so near, yet you realise just how far it is! The hope and expectations (sometimes too high), and then the disappointment. There are times in life when you think you know people, but you mistaken. I was mistaken. And added to that is realising that I am greatly misunderstood, a person who doesn’t consider the feelings and opinions of others. Only the people that are really close to me know the truth, and know that such a statement doesn’t hold true for the way I live my life. 

Each experience that you go through is a lesson in this journey. There were guys in my life who have a lot of good in them, but we just not on the same page. I believe very greatly that no matter how nice two people are, it doesn’t mean that they are well suited for each other. And thats why when people say “Ooh, I have such a nice guy for you…”, I just sigh inwardly, thinking oh no, not again! As I said before, I know that people have good intentions, but somehow I just wish that I could find this special person myself.


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  1. bb_aisha
    Dec 12, 2010 @ 22:53:33

    You will find him Inshallah. I first found someone I wanted to be with at 26, but nothing happened. At 27 I got involved with a friend, knowing he wasn’t rally what I wanted, but thinking I could maybe make it work. It didn’t work out because I put Islam first. I’m so thankful I did. And now at 28 I’ve found someone who is quite perfect, but external factors may prevent us from being together. Khair Inshallah

    May we both find true, eternal love


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