It’s a splendid Saturday night. One of the things I love the most about Summer is the ample opportunities to spend time outdoors. Tonight is no different. I set up everything for a small braai. Table for three. Just my parents and I. Although my family has expanded, there are times like tonight when it feels so small.

 I’m sitting at the table, watching as the candles dance lazily in the breeze. The braai is going on at the back of me, the aroma undoubtedly tantalizing. I whisk my head up slightly and watch as the hazy clouds meander across the night sky. The stars, dotted across the sky, glitter in silence. Its so surreal. I love moments like this, when I connect with nature. The breeze, tainted by the slightest bit of cold brushes past me repeatedly. I have a strange, but profound love for the sky. Each day and night, a new picture is drawn, a new story unfolds.

 Whenever I look at the sky, I think of Allah’s power and greatness. The sky is so perfect and infinite.

There’s an ayat from Surah Tabarak, which complements my thoughts:

 “He has created the seven heavens in layers. You will not see any inconsistency (defects) in Allah’s creation. Look again. Do you see any cracks (in the sky)?

Look again and once again and your gaze will return defeated and exhausted”.

 Subhanallah! What beautiful verses and indeed when you ponder on it, Allah’s greatness becomes even more apparent.

 The cool breeze I mentioned earlier has transformed into a cold wind. Not that I’m complaining. J

Supper is ready to be served…


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