A new day, a new beginning



Sunday Morning Greetings

It’s a cool, peaceful Sunday morning. Sitting with my coffee as company. I quite enjoy the early morning quiet.

I’m welcoming new beginnings, as I decided to accept the offer of being an Emcee for next week Sunday’s event. It will be my first time taking up this role. While I’m slightly nervous, its also something exciting, which I’m looking forward to. I often feel that I’m an introvert, but its times like this that my actions speak otherwise.

In life if we never take up new endeavours, we will always be stuck in one place. If we don’t try new things, we may just be missing out on an important part of life. Thats why when this role was offered to me, I didn’t decline. If the organisers believe that I can pull this off, then so do I. Besides that, having support from the people close to you makes a world of a difference.

I’m no stranger to being on stage, performing in front of a crowd. Alhamdulillah, I’ve broken that fear. It’s normal to have pre-performance jitters. I think its all part of the deal. But, there’s a huge difference between singing and taking the part of an Emcee. When I sing, I usually lose myself in what I’m doing. The only time I address the audience directly, is when I greet them at the beginning and end of a performance.

This is going to be something else completely. A new challenge for me. My script is staring at me, so I better go and spend some quality time with it.

Seven years of no public speaking and speeches. And now I’ve got a three and a half page script. Oh well, its never too late to start again.

To those of you who happen to read this post before next week, please pray that all goes well. 🙂


It’s a splendid Saturday night. One of the things I love the most about Summer is the ample opportunities to spend time outdoors. Tonight is no different. I set up everything for a small braai. Table for three. Just my parents and I. Although my family has expanded, there are times like tonight when it feels so small.

 I’m sitting at the table, watching as the candles dance lazily in the breeze. The braai is going on at the back of me, the aroma undoubtedly tantalizing. I whisk my head up slightly and watch as the hazy clouds meander across the night sky. The stars, dotted across the sky, glitter in silence. Its so surreal. I love moments like this, when I connect with nature. The breeze, tainted by the slightest bit of cold brushes past me repeatedly. I have a strange, but profound love for the sky. Each day and night, a new picture is drawn, a new story unfolds.

 Whenever I look at the sky, I think of Allah’s power and greatness. The sky is so perfect and infinite.

There’s an ayat from Surah Tabarak, which complements my thoughts:

 “He has created the seven heavens in layers. You will not see any inconsistency (defects) in Allah’s creation. Look again. Do you see any cracks (in the sky)?

Look again and once again and your gaze will return defeated and exhausted”.

 Subhanallah! What beautiful verses and indeed when you ponder on it, Allah’s greatness becomes even more apparent.

 The cool breeze I mentioned earlier has transformed into a cold wind. Not that I’m complaining. J

Supper is ready to be served…

My lithe body rested on the bed, drained from an intense Summer’s day. I took in my surroundings, my eyes tracing the peach and white lines long drawn across the bed cover. I laid in silence, trying to block out the blaring of the neighbour’s television, the noise pervading an otherwise beautiful afternoon.

 I was laying in the same place that I would have normally found you. I can remember your angelic smile, which was almost permanently plastered to your face. I can still recall what it was like when I would put my arms around you and hold your hand. The contours of your hands, the slight wrinkledness…

Its been almost two years since you left us. The days go on, but the emptiness, that feeling of longing never seems to fade. It seems like just yesterday when we said our final farewell, those tragic hours preceding your return to our Creator. Those heartbreaking days, when it was hard to perceive the difference between the dream world and reality. You left too soon, so unexpected. It was inevitable, yet with the people we love the most, we wish it will never come.

True love seems like an illusion. But I’ve come to realize the essence of it. I see true love in the relationship you had with your beloved wife, my grandma. She never stops thinking of you, reminiscing on the years the two of you spent together. In every facet of her life, every conversation that comes up, you are always there. Never forgotten. She misses you dearly and cries for you daily. Her life has lost all meaning without you.

You were the light that kept her alive. Although we may have her in person, with your death she has lost her spirit for life. Truly, the love that you shared was unconditional. A love so great, that despite your absence, the flame cannot be extinguished.

You were remarkable, one of the most beautiful, kind hearted people in our lives.

We will love and miss you forever… 

Surfs up


I’ve always wanted to do a beach scene,but despite the images in my head I was never able to project what was in my mind on to paper. I came across a 3 minute video on You Tube. It took the artist 2 hours to do it. Being somewhat technologically challenged, I had no idea that I was able to play it in slow motion.

I got an idea of what the artist was doing and this is the end result. I’m quite impressed. I had no idea oil pastels had so much potential. Just goes to show that by using a different technique, you can discover a whole new world!

Painting my thoughts

The end of my Art course draws near. I’ve worked with pencil, charcoal, oil pastels, watercolour, oil and acrylic paints. For my last project I am working with a palette knife and acrylic paint on canvas. I was told that it would be challenging, and was a bit apprehensive yet excited at the same time. I’m doing an outdoor scene. Sky, mountains, trees, rocks and water. The kind of elements I love to capture (although the subject matter was given to me). Its been fun and very enjoyable. There’s still many weeks for me to go before I complete this one.

I can’t wait to start working on my own again. Due to a lack of the correct Art materials and my preference for canvas, instead of paper I have to wait patiently to begin my own projects. After working on canvas, I find it hard to go back to using my “visual diary”. 

I’m looking forward to my ten day vacation. First to the mountains and then to the coast. Undoubtedly, it will be retreats which will give me a dose of inspirational morphine. 

I think I promised this before, but failed to deliver. Very soon I will put up the work that I have done thus far. I’m still an amateur, but with experience I may just be the next Picasso 😛