A strange encounter

We were once two people traversing on a journey far apart. In a twist of fate, our paths crossed. From being acquaintances, we became best friends. You were my support, and I was yours. My confidant, my inspiration, my teacher, my guide. My world became bigger and you let me travel with you through yours. We faced hurdles and obstacles together. Through difficult times, we stood side by side.

You taught me how to love. But unfortunately, from love came pain. We lost each other somewhere along the way. We misunderstood. We shared our dreams, our lives, our pasts and the future. You occupied a place in my heart that no one else did. What we had was beautiful and unique. I lived in a fairytale world, and always imagined a happily-ever-after.

But life we lived, and moved on. There are many questions which will forever remained unanswered. The most difficult part is realizing and admitting to myself when I was wrong. I was a part of it, but so were you. I gave you a part of my heart…Fortunately, I have learnt to forgive. Both you, and myself.  

Our lives were intertwined. You became a part of my life. The chapters were written, and will forever remain unchanged. We now live in two different worlds, and bereft of what we once shared, we meet again as strangers…


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  1. bb_aisha
    Sep 05, 2010 @ 23:32:37

    Tasneem, your story seems to echo mine. Last year this time I was in what seemed like unbearable pain. I’d allowed myself to become emotionally attached to someone for the first time. He wanted more than I could give, & religion played a huge part in us going our separate ways.
    One year later I’m incredibly grateful I had the strength to place my religious values first.
    When I was 18 I told a friend I want to fall in love, have my heart broken, & then learn from it, knowing it wasn’t true love.
    9 years later, I experienced it. (Although I only felt I loved him after we’d parted)
    I wish I hadn’t, but I have learnt valuable lessons from the experience, and I’ve matured in recognising what’s really important in a relationship.


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