Better late than never

An update has been long overdue. I’ve decided to set some time aside and attempt to resuscitate my blog.

 The last six months didn’t exactly work out as I thought it would. Circumstances cause you to change your decisions. Initially, I planned to study Community Journalism, but since losing my job as a freelance writer, that goal slipped a few places on my priority list. Instead I studied a six month course in Tour Operating Management. Thanks to Allah, I passed with a distinction. 🙂 

 I completed my Bcom degree, with specialization in Tourism Management at the end of last year. And at the last minute decided to skip graduation. Five long years of hard work has paid off. I never thought that I would want to stop studying, but after last semester I decided that it was time for a break.

 Right now, I’m neither studying nor working. Responsibility-free, with the freedom of doing what I want. I’ve taken up Art classes, which is being taught by my ex-English teacher. I am thoroughly enjoying it. I’ve always loved Art and now I’m getting the chance to hone my skills and learn new things. There’s a lot I can write on it, so I’ll save it for another post and will hopefully upload some pics of what I’ve done thus far.

Inshallah some time in the near future, I would like to teach Art to kids. I would also like start an Art class for underprivileged children. That is something I will definitely love to work on.

There’s a baby on the way! According to the doctors, it’s a little girl. Inshallah all goes well for my beloved sister. The baby is due on the 14 September. I have never been this excited for a baby in my life. I really don’t know what the feeling will be like when I have my own. It’s one of the most amazing, beautiful miracles of life. I can’t wait for the day when I get to hold her in my arms and welcome her into this world. Life is going to change when she arrives. I’m giddy with excitement!

 That’s all for now. Can’t say when I’ll be back. Jan 2011? I hope not. 🙂


Its almost time…

11-07-2010   2:22am

It’s the early part of the morning and I’m writing after almost six months. I may be a bit rusty, but the World Cup has definitely fueled my need to write again. It has ignited a part of me, which was slowly dissipating. This past month has been truly amazing! 

This evening is the closing ceremony of the World Cup, as well as the final match. The culmination of a month long journey of a myriad of emotions. I haven’t been to a single game, but did manage to watch at least one game at the Melrose fan park. The atmosphere was electrifying, the people enthusiastic and passionate, the feeling of being among the crowd truly terrific. It was the closest I would get to the actual feeling of being at a game. Thanks to my cousin, I will be watching the final game at Emperors Palace in 3D, which is a huge consolation and something I am really looking forward to. ☺

The World Cup is more than just the games. The spirit of it has been magical. South Africa has made us proud! We have achieved what many of us have thought would never have been possible. South Africa has made a name for itself in history and we have all got to be a special part of it. For years to come, the World Cup in SA will be a highlight in our lives. Ten years from now friends and families will wish they could relive the great memories that they shared. Thousands of pictures have been captured, encapsulating memories of a lifetime. The fun, the fans, the kaleidoscope of colours and people, the emotions, the players, the heart-stopping moments…

Shortly after twelve, my parents and I took a drive to Soccer City. It will be impossible to travel the same road tomorrow night and since it will be the final night of the WC, we know that things won’t be the same after this. The roads were clear, and five minutes later there stood the stadium in all its glory. The trees lining the road towards Soccer City are beautifully lit and provide a very festive mood. 

We turned in towards the West gate and took a short stroll around the area, taking photos as we did so. Powerful beams of light protruded from the stadium and illuminated the beautiful night sky, as music from the stadium permeated the air. Surrounding the stadium was an ocean of lights, glittering against the velvety black sky. What a stunning sight!

The area surrounding the stadium was so still and calm. The only vehicles moving around were that of the police and journalists. A van was parked a few metres away from us, the police on duty patrolling that area. They explained that after ten o’clock they are very strict about who goes in and out, so we were lucky that we were allowed to have a few minutes there. 

I found it rather odd that in a place, which we normally regard as unsafe, we were calmly walking around snapping shots, without a care in the world. We had become temporary tourists. What was so special about those few moments, was knowing that in a few hours the place where I stood would be transformed into something great and historical. While it would have been awesome to be at the stadium tomorrow, among thousands of other people, I made the most of those few moments. experiencing the calm before the storm. ☺