It is a gorgeous early morning, like most days. An addiction and love that I don’t think I will ever overcome…

The year has been good thus far. In a last minute decision, we ended up going to Durban for a few days at the beginning of January. It was a wonderful few days. The hotel we stayed in was great, and breakfast with an ocean view as definitely one of the highlights too. The company we had made the trip even better.

The 9 January was a day I will remember for many years to come. I spent time with some really amazing people on this trip. Regretfully I missed the first half of that Saturday spending time with my sister, but the time that we were together was the epitome of awesomeness. F and I usually made small talk when he came home, but after spending quality time with him, I realized that we get along quite well. He is a really nice person and I look forward to having him in our life, Inshallah. He would fit in perfectly. As for K, I have memories of him during our school days. Lol. A rather small boy at that time. Many years have passed since then and things have changed. He is also an incredibly wonderful and fun person to be around.

Another highlight to that night, was meeting a Facebook friend of mine, albeit at 2:30am. No harm in doing things out of character at times:) It was a really interesting day…

The past two weeks, have been fairly productive. Research for my articles and an attempt to secure interviews with some important people tend to take up a great deal of time. Despite many calls, I wasn’t successful with the latter, but there’s only so much I can do. I’ve realized that in life, you give your best, but don’t kill yourself over things. The irony is that there are times when you give a project everything that you got, and in the end it gets rejected. It’s just a part of life. I wasn’t equipped to deal with rejection before, but thanks to life’s experiences I have learnt a great deal.

There are days when I bask in the delight of just lazing around. Taking the day as it comes, with no obligations. Its well deserved, after five years of hard work. Sometimes there’s an unwelcome guilt that permeates my mind, but then I think to myself that it’s a time I should cherish. Its just a few months out of my many years of life. Should I decide to start working or get married, then these days will be a thing of the past.

So I’m just going to enjoy every moment of it. No regrets:)