I miss Ramadhan…

While for most people, the month has passed in the blink of an eye, I felt that this Ramadhan was unusually long. It was both a beautiful and serene month, a time in which I felt close to my Creator.

For the first time in my life, I am mourning the conclusion of this month to such a great extent. From the time that Asr sets in and especially at Maghrib a depression envelops me and my heart cries for the return for the month that has passed on. Its almost as if I have lost a person whom I have loved greatly. Like a loved one who has deserted me, never to return. I know that the month will come again in the years to follow (Inshallah), but will I be there to experience it?

Alhamdulillah, I have become more conscious of the inevitability of death and want to prepare myself as much as possible for it. I believe in being moderate in life and therefore will not dissociate my self from normal life, but I will make an even greater effort to please my Creator and carry out his orders. After all, Allah knows what is in the heart of every person and even if we may not seem to be doing enough, our intentions are what count. Inshallah I will be able to carry out what I intend to.

Perhaps I am grieving the conclusion of Ramadhan because I am afraid of being swept up in the currents and swimming in the ocean of sin once again. My priority in life needs to be to please Allah and I pray that Allah grants us all the strength to walk the path towards Jannah…Ameen.