Fajr Azaan

I sat on my bed after sehri, reading Quraan and waiting for the time of Fajr to set in. As usual, I opened my window, just enough for the fresh morning air to permeate through my curtains and in an attempt to hear the Fajr azaan.

Almost eleven years ago when we moved to the suburb that I currently reside in, it was dominated mostly by whites and the Muslims were a minority. We were one of only three Muslim families living in my street. Over the years, more Muslims relocated to this suburb and I am proud to say that we are now predominantly a Muslim community. However that hasn’t changed much with regard to the Fajr azaan being called out.

About nine or ten years ago, a court case ensued following fights with the Muslims for calling out the Fajr azaan, citing that it disturbed their “early morning peace”. Unfortunately, the Muslims lost the case and were not allowed to call out the Fajr azaan over the mike system. There was a very short period in which I recall Fajr azaan being called out during Ramadhan, but even that has ceased to exist.

I often wonder if anything can be changed, given that we are such a large Muslim community at present, Perhaps the court stipulated a certain amount of years in which we would not be allowed to render the Fajr azaan for public hearing. I often wonder where we stand in this matter and think I should make some enquiries. It does bother me considerably that we are restricted in this regard.

For those people who are fortunate enough to hear the azaan daily, be grateful and don’t take it for granted. There are people like myself who crave to hear the rendition in the early mornings, but unfortunately it is not a privilege which we have been granted.

As for the azaan that I try to listen to every morning, I have to strain my ears to hear the words being called out. And if I’m lucky there will be a blessed wind which carries the azaan towards my window and increases it’s volume…

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When procrastination rears its head

Procrastinators Anonymous

Procrastinators Anonymous

Exams are beginning at the end of next month and although I know I should be getting into the swing of things, I feel like I am at a dead end. By next week Inshallah I will complete the syllabi of my subjects. I drew up a revision timetable, but for some reason or the other I am not making any progress. I would cite procrastination as one of my main problems. I know all too well that “procrastination is the thief of time”. In the end I’ll be the only one to suffer the consequences.

I failed a module last year November and will be re-writing it this semester. For the last few days, I skim through my notes but make no sense of anything. Its all very unproductive, since I should have forced myself into my office chair and said “study”! Study in the real sense, where I block out everything else and focus on whats in front of me. This module was the first module that I ever failed and I’m not sure I know how to approach a re-write. I am numbed with the fear of failing again and cannot recall where I went wrong or how I should correct my approach to studying this subject yet again. To make matters worse, it is the thickest study guide that I ever had in the last three and a half years and just looking at it intimidates me!

Oh well, if I don’t do anything about my dilemma, no one else will. I need to motivate myself to start my revision as well as make considerable progress with it really soon. Discipline, a clear head and duas…thats what I need to set myself in motion. Hopefully the next time I post an entry, it will be with positive feedback.

And one more thing before I leave, this post wasn’t necessary. I planned to be studying, but alas…

Lights out…

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Ramadhan, Day 13

It has been an unusual Ramadhan thus far, lacking in the spirit and the atmosphere that is usually felt. Tonight was the THIRD time that father had supper with us, which makes for very lonely nights. We don’t get to see him much lately, considering all the time that he is compelled to spend at work. Fortunately, he didn’t have to go in this weekend, so we got to spend practically the entire day with him.

The fasts have been going well, Alhamdulillah. The weather is crazy though. Some days are scorching hot, others nippy, with heavy winds. I’m continuing the recitation of the Quraan from where I was before Ramadhan commenced. I’ll admit that I am a slow reader, so just completing it by the end of the month will leave me more than satisfied. Surprisingly, I am really enjoying the taraweeh prayers this year. Even though I generally read it during other Ramadhans, there are times when lethargy and laziness set in and I have to fight against it. I think the secret is in preparing yourself mentally, as well as starting your salaah as soon as possible after the adhaan for Esha has been called out.

I had a fairly enjoyable day today. Z joined us for a little shopping, since her hubby had to work for a few hours. We took a very rare trip into Lenz. I cannot recall the last time that we actually ventured in further than the mall. When we usually say we are going to Lenz, it means we visiting the mall for a movie or going out for a meal and some shopping (the window type, although we actually inside the stores.lol).

I know that half of Ramadhan has not even lapsed, but I’ve bought my Eid clothes already. Its a fairly simple abaya, black and lilac, with a little cut-work on it. It was Ani’s idea to wear abayas this Eid and I readily went along with her suggestion. This sure saves us from the last minute shoppers , although with the Indians, I don’t think theres a time when they not shopping!

After we made our purchases, we traversed through the inner roads of Lenz in search of food for iftar. Only about an hour and a half remained before Maghrib, so we decided to buy our food while we there. In our journey to get to Akhals, we drove through some streets which sparked memories of my childhood. My gran’s house looks exactly the way it did over ten years ago, even the paint remains the same shade of maroon. Although somehow everything looks much smaller. I guess size is relative. We left Lenz almost fourteen years ago! Back then I was a kid and everything appeared to be extra large.

I also passed the the school that I attended as a preschooler, through to grade two. Great memories those were…a time long gone now, locked away in my memory chest.

We also passed the qabrastaan where my grandfather is buried. He passed away about fourteen years ago as well. Perhaps it was only after his death that the decision to move away was made. I loved him greatly! Its unfortunate that we got to spend such a short time of our lives with him. Z and I being the two eldest grandchildren were pampered by him and smothered in his love and warmth. My memories with him are innumerable and are ones I hold close to my heart. I often wonder what life would have been with him around…

Oops, its past my curfew. I haven’t slept past 12 since Ramadhan has started, so I better get back to bed. Will write again soon, Inshallah.