To all things new…

I say good-bye to my blog of three years. Thanks to those of you who have followed my blog and for the feedback (especially BB). I haven’t stopped writing though. For reasons I prefer not to share, I am not publishing the link to my new blog here. If you would like the link, then please leave a comment on this post, with your e-mail address and I will get back to you. Alternatively, you could e-mail me or send me a message on Facebook.

A belated Happy New Year folks!


Eat your heart out


If I’m unrecognisable by the end of this year, unable to fit through doors or get into my old clothes, then just blame it on my sweet tooth. 

Along with my morning dose of coffee, I’m trying to decide which of the two Haagen Daaz muffins are better. Its a toss between blueberry and a caramel something or the other. Hmm…tough decision.

Ever since watching one of the episodes of Cake Boss, I can’t seem to take my mind, or my heart off the idea of tiramisu. I purchased a portion from a local bakery during the week, but it was far from what I expected. The consequences of my disappointment is that I went to purchase ingredients so that I can make it all by myself. With TLC. I had no idea that mascarpone cheese was so pricey. But when  it comes such matters, my mother places no restrictions on us. So she kindly bought what I needed. 

From there I went to buy ingredients for carrot muffins and the perfect topping to accompany it. When I think of all these yummy things, then I just think “What bliss!”. Good food is after all a great source of joy and just makes life so much more worthwhile. 

As I made my way back, heavy drops of water fell from deep grey skies. I strolled towards the car, feeling refreshed and happy as I basked in the glory of being under a natural shower. Happiness lies in the appreciation of the little, seemingly insignificant things in our lives. So put a pause button on life, and just enjoy the small special moments. 


Love, eternal

I went shopping yesterday, and as I took the escalator down I noticed a very old couple. They found a quiet spot and were having lunch together. Old and wrinkled, but still together. By the look of things, their walking abilities have probably deteriorated, since there were two pairs of walking aids in their shopping trolley…I love it when I come across old couples like this. To think that they weathered all the storms of life and are still together. From youth, when they were blossoming beauties into their wrinkly, old age. Together until death. They are symbols of hope, especially for our generation.

The sad part of it though, is that it always makes me think of my grandparents. Its almost two years since my grandad’s demise and my grandmother never stops thinking of him or missing him. Last week Saturday, I went to visit her and we sat together talking about life and about him. Her eyes fill with tears almost every time she talks about him. When I see her, I get a sinking feeling, a sadness overcomes me knowing that there is nothing in this world we can do to help her. She is really lost without him. Her life partner of 49 years. 

Its a bit hard for me to fathom, since I’m only 23. I cannot imagine what it must be to spend 49 years of your life with such a wonderful man and then lose him. What must it be like to live without the most important person in your life? As much as we can try and put ourselves in someone’s situation, we’ll never experience the real feeling of it until it happens to us. 

I wish for a love like the one which my grandparent’s shared and the one that my parents have. A love which is unconditional, and one which transcends all obstacles. I don’t know if this is something that many girls say, but I say it with all my heart that I want a husband like my father. Sure, he has his faults. No one is perfect. But beyond that, the good qualities which he has outweighs everything else and just makes other aspects seem insignificant. He is an exemplary husband and the best father. I couldn’t have asked for better. 

And while we are on the topic of love, lets just say that love eludes me. 🙂

Sometimes you think it is so near, yet you realise just how far it is! The hope and expectations (sometimes too high), and then the disappointment. There are times in life when you think you know people, but you mistaken. I was mistaken. And added to that is realising that I am greatly misunderstood, a person who doesn’t consider the feelings and opinions of others. Only the people that are really close to me know the truth, and know that such a statement doesn’t hold true for the way I live my life. 

Each experience that you go through is a lesson in this journey. There were guys in my life who have a lot of good in them, but we just not on the same page. I believe very greatly that no matter how nice two people are, it doesn’t mean that they are well suited for each other. And thats why when people say “Ooh, I have such a nice guy for you…”, I just sigh inwardly, thinking oh no, not again! As I said before, I know that people have good intentions, but somehow I just wish that I could find this special person myself.

Its late, but for some reason sleep eludes me tonight… I was the emcee at a concert last weekend. Three hundred and fifty people in the audience. In all honesty, I didn’t quite enjoy it and I’m not sure that its something I would like to do again. What matters, is that I gave it a try. You’ll never know if you never try. On the bright side, I didn’t get stage fright, nor does a addressing a crowd intimidate me. You never lose anything in life. Irrespective of the outcome, there’s always something to gain, something to learn and carry with you into the future. There is a dvd available of the concert, and I cringe when I think of people watching it. I didn’t sign up for this, but alas I had no choice, but to be recorded. Embarrassing much!

What I did quite enjoy was the antics of all the little ones. It was truly a pleasure to be backstage with them. Kids are just too cute, quite mischievous at times, but so loveable. Ever since my niece came into my life, somehow my love for kids has increased greatly.

Just a random thought, I still love Café del Mar…☺ Its attached to great memories of my trip to Sun City last year, which probably adds the extra enjoyment. I’m really looking forward to my next holiday. Just a month to go.

Other  news is that I’ve started writing again. I’ve got my first article published on the new website. Currently busy with another one, which is very close to my heart. It’s the story of two siblings, both brain damaged who need to go to China for stem cell therapy. I’m hoping IA that through my story on them, more people will come forward to contribute towards their treatment. I got into contact with their mother and I’m trying to set up a time to interview her. I wish that I was able to do the interview face-to-face, but unfortunately due to the distance I’m not able to do so. I have some ideas on how to raise more funds. Just need to think about it more carefully and see if it will be possible to go through with it.

On that note, I think I should try and get some sleep. Need to do research for my article tomorrow.

Good night world…☺

A new day, a new beginning


Sunday Morning Greetings

It’s a cool, peaceful Sunday morning. Sitting with my coffee as company. I quite enjoy the early morning quiet.

I’m welcoming new beginnings, as I decided to accept the offer of being an Emcee for next week Sunday’s event. It will be my first time taking up this role. While I’m slightly nervous, its also something exciting, which I’m looking forward to. I often feel that I’m an introvert, but its times like this that my actions speak otherwise.

In life if we never take up new endeavours, we will always be stuck in one place. If we don’t try new things, we may just be missing out on an important part of life. Thats why when this role was offered to me, I didn’t decline. If the organisers believe that I can pull this off, then so do I. Besides that, having support from the people close to you makes a world of a difference.

I’m no stranger to being on stage, performing in front of a crowd. Alhamdulillah, I’ve broken that fear. It’s normal to have pre-performance jitters. I think its all part of the deal. But, there’s a huge difference between singing and taking the part of an Emcee. When I sing, I usually lose myself in what I’m doing. The only time I address the audience directly, is when I greet them at the beginning and end of a performance.

This is going to be something else completely. A new challenge for me. My script is staring at me, so I better go and spend some quality time with it.

Seven years of no public speaking and speeches. And now I’ve got a three and a half page script. Oh well, its never too late to start again.

To those of you who happen to read this post before next week, please pray that all goes well. 🙂


It’s a splendid Saturday night. One of the things I love the most about Summer is the ample opportunities to spend time outdoors. Tonight is no different. I set up everything for a small braai. Table for three. Just my parents and I. Although my family has expanded, there are times like tonight when it feels so small.

 I’m sitting at the table, watching as the candles dance lazily in the breeze. The braai is going on at the back of me, the aroma undoubtedly tantalizing. I whisk my head up slightly and watch as the hazy clouds meander across the night sky. The stars, dotted across the sky, glitter in silence. Its so surreal. I love moments like this, when I connect with nature. The breeze, tainted by the slightest bit of cold brushes past me repeatedly. I have a strange, but profound love for the sky. Each day and night, a new picture is drawn, a new story unfolds.

 Whenever I look at the sky, I think of Allah’s power and greatness. The sky is so perfect and infinite.

There’s an ayat from Surah Tabarak, which complements my thoughts:

 “He has created the seven heavens in layers. You will not see any inconsistency (defects) in Allah’s creation. Look again. Do you see any cracks (in the sky)?

Look again and once again and your gaze will return defeated and exhausted”.

 Subhanallah! What beautiful verses and indeed when you ponder on it, Allah’s greatness becomes even more apparent.

 The cool breeze I mentioned earlier has transformed into a cold wind. Not that I’m complaining. J

Supper is ready to be served…

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